The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, represented by SAS Center in collaboration with The General Secretariat of the Tender Board has launched  Jadara program that aims to facilitate the promotion of locally  developed tech products by startups to reach to government entities.


The program aims to encourage the government entities to pilot and purchase the local startups products in ICT sector. In addition to support the entry of these products to the local market and contributes to the growth of ICT sector in Oman.

Offered Services

  1. Supporting startup to do Proof of Value (POV) to validate that the product will be useful for government entities. The ministry will facilitate the product testing for maximum 3 months.
  2. Taking any necessary actions and facilitations and coordinating between startups and targeted government entities.
  3. Promoting the locally developed products.

Target Segment

ICT startup that have developed tech products that target government entities directly or indirectly.

Application Conditions

  1. Startups should apply through the online form available at sas.om website.
  2. The product should be related to the commercial activity registered in the commercial register (CR).
  3. The product should be produced or developed by the startup.
  4. The product should be based on advanced technologies and provide a solution that can save effort, money and time.
  5. The product should meet the technical and commercial evaluation criteria.

Technical evaluation criteria

  1. Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  2. Security check for the product. Please find the list of the companies that provide this service that approved by MTCIT on below link: https://mtcit.gov.om/ITAPortal/Pages/Page.aspx?NID=2183&PID=199315
  3. Clarify which type of infrastructure required to operate and provide the technical support for the product, in addition to clarifying the advanced technologies applied. Please find the list of the companies that provide these  services approved by MTCIT on below link:


  1. Include the technical support services as part of the product services.
  2. The product should follows the Privacy Policy according to Sultanate of Oman government’s laws and policies.

Commercial evaluation criteria

  1. The product should be related to commercial activity registered in commercial register (CR).
  2. The product should be produced or developed by the startup.
  3. The feasibility of Business and Pricing Model and its impact on the target entities.
  4. Provide market research information.
  5. Clarify how the product can contribute to In-country value for ICT sector.


Products list that passed the evaluation– 1st batch 2022: 

NO Product Name Company Name Product Brief Contacts Details
1 Data Management Rihal

An easy tool to manage data with automation features, which enable many tasks such as: data cleansing, validation, data transformation by one click.

Website: www.rihal.om  
Email: Info@rihal.om
Phone: 24228197
Twitter and LinkedIn: @Rihal.om

A system to manage boards and committees meetings. It's been designed to complete and govern the meetings from preparing agenda to distributing meeting minutes.

Website: www.bviser.co
Email: info@ijtimaati.com
Phone: 72467770 / 24222415
Twitter/insta: @Bviser_co
LinkedIn: @Bviser
3 eDirect Debit Mamun A fast, safe and easy way to send and receive recurring payments.
Website: mamun.om
Email: info@mamun.ai
Phone: 94298091 / 72703334
4 Estebyan Platform Data Mining This platform simplifies data collection and descriptive data analysis, in order to help users understand data trends and build on them in making decisions.
Website: www.datamining.om
Email: hamed@datamining.om
Phone: 99384453
Twitter: @DataminingOman
5 Wareed Pillar Technologies A digital platform that aims to provide delivery of health care such as medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical products and laboratory services to patients at their homes.
Website: www.wareed.co
Email: Hello@wareed.co
Phone: 99597307
Twitter: @wareedco
6 Mizan Tekween Technology  Mizan is a platform that helps to manage legal departments and law firms.
Website: www.tekween.com
Email: info@tekween.com
Phone: 98910102
Twitter: @tekween
7 Afaq Al Marefa Trans Gulf Information Technology
A system to manage libraries and knowledge centers that provides several services for managing technical operations in the library through a simple and easy control panel.
Website: www.transgulfit.com
Email: Support@transgulfit.com
Phone: 91333420 / 95165645
Twitter & inta: @it4oman@
8 EasyCoins.me Digital Digits LLC First Crypto brokerage in Oman First Non-custodial service in the MENA region.
Website: Easycoins.me
Email: Support@easycoins.me
9 BidBid Digital Platform BidBid Technologies SPC BidBid digital platform allows government and private entities to offer or deposit amounts in banks automatically to saves effort, time and money. The platform also allows these entities to request quotes on their online deposits from banks.
Website: www.bidbid.tech
Email: hani@bidbid.tech
Phone: 99418844
10 Hasalah Connected Chains LLC First Omani Riyal stable coin on the blockchain can be used as a new payment rail (Payment service provider). 
Website: www.hasalah.app
Email: support@hasalah.app
11 Hisaty Business Development and Services Center LLC An integrated electronic platform that enables regulators, units, government companies and their subsidiaries, contractors and suppliers, in addition to SMEs and entrepreneurs associated within ICV programs or local content to work in a platform that supports the directive towards e-government and the economy digital.
Email: info@hisaty.om
Phone: 24994000 | 92292705  



Products list that passed the evaluation– 2nd batch 2023:

NO Product Name Company Name Product Brief Contacts Details

IJwork is a powerful project and task management software designed to help individuals and teams stay organized, collaborate effectively, and achieve their goals with ease. With its intuitive interface and robust features, IJwork empowers users to take control of their projects and tasks, saving time and boosting productivity.

Email: maryam@ijtimaati.com
phone: 90931000
Twitter,Instagram: @ijtimaati
2 AI applications The Intelligence Angle

Install AI cameras inside the tunnel in Al Sharqia road. These cameras can Discover anomalies before incidents occur to reduce traffic accidents and improve traffic safety, detect illegal lane change of vehicles, which will could cause traffic accidents and detect fallen objects, pedestrians, and parking violations to prevent collisions, accidents, and injuries.

Email: info@vrvue.org
Phone: 98112354
Website: www.vrvue.org 
Twitter: @InfoVrvue
3 Nashid.Verify مشاريع ناشد ش م م An identity verification tool for digital customer onboarding, allowing service providers to instantly verify new and existing customers, digitally! This tool supports all Omani identity cards and over 150 biometric passports worldwide
Email: Ahmed@nashid.io
Phone: 9965 0205 website: www. verify.nashid.io/
Twitter,Instagram: @nashid_ent
LinkedIn: @nashident
4 منصة دوام مبدأ التغيير للتجارة ش م م Dawam provides a part-time job by developing a platform that directly connects job seekers and potential employers .Employers can access a wide pool of candidates to meet business need.
Email: laila@malkstech.com
phone: 97788962
website: www.wdawam.com
Twitter,Instagram: @waqtdawam
5 Decree Decree Tech LLC An online subscription service and search engine for English-translated Omani laws.
Email: contact@decree.om
Phone: 9910 2820
Website: www.decree.om
Twitter: @decreeom
Linkedin: @decreeom
6 Saber Technology iLab Marine Unmanned vehicle includes sensors and sampling instruments to collect various type of data and samples. A network of marine cables is utilized to provide a communication between the operator and the vehicle.
Email: hello@ilabmarine.com
phone: 9444 8480
website: www.ilabmarine.com
Twitter,Instagram: @ilabmarine
LinkedIn: @ilabmarine
7 INGINE محرك التكنولوجيا ش م م
Applications that have augmented reality technology. Which generates 3D model animations on your physical space. All you need is a mobile device with a camera. Designed for education, museums, restaurants and architecture.
Email: Z@ingine.io
phone: 92414147
website: www.ingine.io
Twitter: @INGINEapp
LinkedIn: : @INGINE
8 منظومة المحاكي للواقع الافتراضي متعدد الحواس مصنع الابتكار للبحث و التطوير العلمي This device provides an interactive multi-sensory virtual reality experience without the need for virtual reality glasses, making it easier for all segments of society to benefit from virtual reality technologies without restrictions.
email: ceo@if.om
Phone: 96245289
Website: simulator-ivr.com
Instegram: @if.om
9 زميلي مشاريع طارق الحبسي الجديدة Zameeli Apps connect SMEs with local, skilled freelancers for social media creatives such as videography, digital marketing, graphic designing and modeling.
Email: info@zameeli.com
phone: 78443699 / 79052341
Website: www.Zameeli.com
Social media accounts: @ zameeliapp
10 TelyPay Invoice شركة العملة الرقمية ش.م.م First Omani Riyal stable coin on the blockchain can be used as a new payment rail (Payment service provider). 
Email: business@telypay.com
Phone: 9361 4406
Website: www.telypay.com
Social media: @telypay